Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz

Chehlum of fake encounters Vitim’s observed

Dadu: Chehlum of JSMM’s Slain leaders; Leaders paying tributes to the their martyred comrades.

Dadu: Chehlum of JSMM’s Slain leaders; Leaders paying tributes to the their martyred comrades.

Activists of JSMM Gathered at Dadu, to pay homage to the Slain leaders of organisation.

Dadu: Leaders, activists and supporters of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz paid tribute to their slain leaders and assured to continue their resistive struggle.

Family members and relatives of Afzal Panhwar including Naseeban Panhwar (mother), Ajamal Panhwar and Zeeshan Panhwar (Brothers) attended public gathering in Dadu city.

During the course of the ceremony, the participants intermittently raised slogans of ‘Sindhu Desh is the destiny’ and ‘G.M Sayed is the guide’.

Earlier, JSMM activists and supporters Gathered at new chowk, Dadu and marched to the ceremony’s stage with the portraits of G.M Sayed, Shafi Burfat, Afzal Panhwar and Zamin Shah.

Speaking to the participants in chehlum, JSMM’s senior vice chairman Lala Aslam Pathan said that, Azfzal Panhwar, Zamin Shah, Sobal Dahar and Yameen Chachar was the great characters of history. They sacrificed their lives for freedom of Sindhudesh. He further said that, JSMM activists are being detained and tortured to death across Sindh. “This would not, however, deter us from continuing the struggle for the independence of Sindhudesh.” He Added

JSQM Vice Chairman Dr. Niaz Kallani also attended gathering to pay tributes to the slain leaders. He said that, we are followers of non-violence message of Saen G.M Sayed, but we strongly support resistive struggle of JSMM for freedom of Sindhudesh.

Mother of Slain Afzal, Naseeban Panhwar said during her address that, I will scarify whole of my family for freedom of Sindhudesh.

JSMM Vice chairman Dr. Zain Bhutto, deputy secretary Shabir Mallah, finance secretary Zulfiqar Jamali, JSSF (JSMM) Chairman Hafeez Pirzado, Dr Allah Bachai Mallah and other leaders also spoke at the gathering.

The launch of a new book titled ‘Wantan Pahnjo Werhi Wathbo’ written by Ashque Mughari was also held on the occasion.

Originally published at, Indus Tribune – The Voice of Oppressed Nation