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Int’l day of enforced disappearances; open Letter of Shafi M. Burfat to the Ban Ki Moon


Honorable Mr. Ban ki Moon

Secretary General

United Nations

We would like to take this opportunity to draw your attentions towards your recent visit to Pakistan and register our grievances on not saying a single word on disappearances, extra judicial killings and torture of innocent Sindhi and Baloch people.

In a speech delivered on August 30th in Switzerland, you said, “We must ensure that anyone, on any side, who commits war crimes, crimes against humanity or other violations of international human rights or humanitarian law, is brought to justice. This is a shared responsibility for this council, for United Nations member states, for the international community as a whole. We must use all our many tools to shine the light of human rights everywhere.”

When you were in Islamabad on August 13, relatives of hundreds of Sindhi and Baloch missing persons were protesting outside press clubs in Karachi , Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur, Kashmore, Quetta, Turbat and other cities. As we presume that you are aware of the missing persons’ phenomenon in Sindh & Balochistan, we will not indulge into its details. In short, human rights groups have confirmed that thousands of political activists, writers and common Sindhi and Baloch people have been abducted by Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies ISI, MI etc whose whereabouts are unknown.

Chief Justice of Pakistan has many times stated that there are evidences of Pakistan’s Army, ISI, MI and other forces’ involvement in these abductions. According to the Human Rights Watch, tortured bodies of 300 of these missing persons have been found dumped in deserted parts of Sindh and Balochistan. International media calls this kill-and-dump phenomenon Pakistan’s ‘dirty war’.

JSMM and relatives of missing persons were hoping that you will use the influence during visit to press Pakistani government to stop this ‘dirty war’ against the Sindhi & Baloch people, who are struggling for their right of national independence  – a right that is enshrined in the United Nations’ Charter.

However, you didn’t say a single word about the issue of Sindhi & Baloch missing persons. We were expecting a few words from you on these issues would have brought some relief to the families of missing persons and political parties.

While you were engaged in flag-hoisting ceremony in Islamabad on August 14; Army, ISI, MI and para military forces raided houses of JSMM workers and political activists in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sehwn, Sakrand, Sukkur, Jacobabad, Kashmore, Ghotki, Dadu, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah, Naushoro Feroz, Matiari, Hala, Tando Muhammad Khan, Badin, Thatta, Turbat and other cities and arrested many Sindhi political workers & killed two Baloch nationalists Reza Jehangir, the secretary general of the Baloch Students Organization; and Imdad Baloch, a senior member of the Baloch National Movement.

On the same day all businesses were shut down all over Sindh, many rallies were held, and thousands of people protested in all cities and towns of Sindh to mark August 14th as a black day and demanded independence from this theocratic, fascist and Islamic extremist state of Pakistan.

I have also written a few letter to you in past informing you about human rights violations in Sindh, torture, disappearances, illegal arrests and extra judicial killings of Sindhi and Baloch nationalists. JSMM is a nationalist party that believes in democracy and secularism. We struggle for nationalist independence from theocratic and fascist state of Pakistan. We are very strong supporters of international community on war on terror. We have been protesting against the incident of 9/11, fundamentalism, Islamic extremism and racism. We have also been exposing brutality and fascism of Pakistan Army and ISI which resulted in JSMM being banned as a political party. False cases were registered against the leadership and workers of JSMM all over Sindh. Head money was put on leadership and hundreds of workers were forced to live as absconders.

So far Pakistan Army and ISI have killed eighteen members of JSMM Central Body and Central Committee. More than 174 of JSMM workers were illegally arrested and disappeared by ISI and many of them were tortured to an extent that even after release they are physically and mentally disabled. Four of our political activists are disappearing till now and we fear they will also be tortured till death.

I would like to inform you that after UN took notice of disappearance of Muzaffar Bhutto; General Secretary JSMM by ISI he was killed on 22nd May 2012. When Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances visited Karachi & Quetta in September 2012; our group headed by Afzal Panwar JSMM student leader met them who was also abducted, tortured and killed in ISI engineered fake encounter on 15th August 2013 in Kotri

In the night between August 14th and 15th, Pakistani forces set on fire house of Zamin Shah a Central Committee member of JSMM and killed him at Madhu Goth, safari park, Karachi.  2 young Sindhi National workers Sobal Sindhi & Yameen Chachar were also killed by ISI engineered fake encounter.

In the night between August 14th and 15th, Pakistani forces set on fire a hunger strike camp set up by the relatives of Baloch missing persons outside the Quetta Press Club. Just two days ago, a prominent Baloch journalist and the leader of BNM, Haji Razzaq, was brutally murdered. He was abducted by security forces four months ago.

We don’t know if you should have attended the Independence Day ceremony of a state that is involved  in human rights violations, brutally torturing, killing and disappearing nationalist political workers of Sindh and Balochistan, a state which patronizes religious extremist groups like Taliban, Lashkar-e-taiba, jaish-e-Muhammad and others. Pakistan is an unnatural state (state without nations) which violates rights of minorities like Hindus, Christians & Shias; many sindhi hindu girls are forced to convert to Islam under supervision of ISI; the case of Rinkel Kumari is an example for international community. I did see your visit as an opportunity to highlight the issue of human rights abuses in Sindh & Balochistan. Being the custodian of the UN and the guardian of international laws and instruments, I hope that you will play your role in bringing an end to human rights violations by Pakistan Army and ISI in Sindh & Balochistan.

We hope the united will take up the case of Sindhi and Baloch National independence from fascist and theocratic state of Pakistan and will take notice of human rights violations, extra judicial killings, torture and forced disappearance of political workers of Sindh and Balochistan. We apeal to the United Nations to bring an end to economical, political, social and cultural exploitations of Sindhi and baloch people from Pakistan (Punjabi Imperialism).

Shafi Muhammad Burfat


Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM).


Originally published at Indus Tribune