Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz / Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Protests demonstrated against the Baloch genocide all over the Sindh on the call of JSMM

Activist of JSMM Sakrand are protesting against Baloch Genocide

Activists of JSMM Sakrand are protesting against Baloch Genocide

On the call of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz protests were observed all over the Sindh against the Balcoh genocide by military operation in action in Balochistan. JSMM Activists condemned military operation and Baloch genocide in harsh words. JSMM Activists with play cards and banners in hands, raised slogan against military operation in action by Pakistan security forces. They demanded International community to take serious notice of this planned genocide of Baloch nation. According to Coordination Secretary of JSMM activists demonstrated protests in Karachi, Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Tando Jam, New Saeedabad, Sakrand, Dulatpur, Bhiria City, Hangorja, Sukkur, Ghotki, Kashmor, Jecbabad, Shahdad Kot, Warih, Naseerabad, Larkana, Badeh, Dokri, Mehar, K.N Shah, Dadu, Johi, Sehwan, Sann, Manjhand, Tando Muhammd Khan, Matli, Budani and Deghri. Further JSMM chairman Mr: Shafi Muhammad Burfat in his press release has said that Baloch and Sindhi nations have lived together throughout history. It is a hard time for balochs and Sindhi nation has raised the voice by considering this woe as their own. History witnesses that Sindhi national hero Dola Darya did not protect the sindhi territories only, but he fought for Baloch territories as well from Sibi, dhadhar and Kalat. In recent past when Baloch leader Nawab Khair Bux Mari was alleged traitor by Pakistan state, G.M Syed called for demos and protests in Sindh in order to raise the baloch voice to the world.

Activist of JSMM Ghotki are protesting against Baloch Genocide

Activists of JSMM Ghotki are protesting against Baloch Genocide

Today, the Baloch nation is suffering from brutal genocide, and  JSMM activists by feeling it their  conscious duty, are standing with their Baloch brothers. And so they proved their moral alliance with Baloch brothers by demonstrating protests all over the Sindh, Because the relation of Baloch and Sindhis is those of body and soul, and oppression of Baloch nation would be regarding oppression on Sindhi nation as well. He further stated that, state of Pakistan which is based on so called two nation theory, with his fascist army killed millions of Bangles and now they are killing thousands of Baloch children, woman and elders by bombing on them.

JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat

JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat

On one hand they are pretending to be a democratic state in eyes of world, and on the second they are responsible for the genocide of Baloch and Sindhis who are enslaved nations by them. Today we Sindhi nation being oppressed like that of Baloch nation, cannot isolate our brothers.  JSMM Chairman continued his statement, that Pakistan army and media are finding different ways to allege Baloch people terrorists, to justify their genocide. But JSMM being the soul representative party of Sindhi nation has proved with their political strength that Baloch are not terrorists, they are fighting for their historical right, freedom. People of Baluchistan and Sindhi political activists are with Baloch freedom movement. He further said the International community; human right organizations should value our protests and pressure on government of Pakistan to free Baloch territories from their army, and should take a serious notice of air attacks resulting in the killing of innocent Baloch children.

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