Shafi Muhammad Burfat

JSMM to boycott Pakistani elections in Sindh: Shafi Burfat

Shafi Burfat Hope PosterKarachi : The Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz in Sindh has announced boycott of upcoming elections terming them ‘a clear conspiracy to push Sindh in the worst form of slavery’ in a press release on Tuesday.

The Chairman of JSMM said that elections were a dangerous form of Punjabi imperialism and that “by which imperial Punjab intends to keep our existence, identity, sanctity, and national security enslaved politically and economically and grab our natural and mineral resources as well. Through election-cum-parliamentary politics, Punjab has been continuously conspiring to keep us in the hell of slavery.”

“All the politically conscious Sindhi people would surely have to stay away from this heinous process of elections formulated by this unnatural state otherwise we will have to bear the worst consequences which will lead to a self-destructive process for national existence,” Said Mr Burfat.

He criticized Sindhi feudal lords, “Feudal lords, Tribal Chiefs, and some selfish nationalists bearing slavish mentality are deceiving our occupied country and nation. He alleged that they are using simplicity of common men and trying to extend our slavery under Punjabi imperialism.

He said, “We consider this election process as a deadly poison for our nation until we are under the slavery of this theocratic and unnatural state of Pakistan. These illicit elections are not for us Sindhis. I advise all the nationalist workers to stay affirmed with their historical and political struggle and national resistance for the freedom of Sindhudesh.

“Our lives are our liability towards our motherland and we have to pay her back through sacrificing them over her sanctity. We will fight with courage, steadfast and bravery in the every corner of the world against this fascist, unnatural and theocratic state and will confront her on every political and diplomatic front.

Like the Baloch pro-freedom political parties the Sindhi freedom loving parties and activists should also boycott the elections and struggle for their freedom.”

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