Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Illegal mass migration can cause our nation to be converted in a minority – Shafi Burfat

JSMM Protest Against Illegal Mass Migration

Sakrand: Protest Demonstration Against Illegal Mass Migration of people from other provinces towards Sindh

Ref: Press release

Dated: 25-12-12

See: Sindhwide protestation against illegal mass Migration of people from other provinces towards Sindh

JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat has expressed his grave concern over illegal mass migration of people from other provinces towards Sindh, calling it a mass invasion on the demographics of occupied Sindh. “These migrations can cause our nation to be converted in a minority” he said. “We will not tolerate a single settler; they are posing a serious threat to the demographics, economy, language and culture of secular Sindh. They are not only a burden on our economy but also working as agents for imperialist agendas including exploitation of our natural and mineral resources.” He stated in a press statement. “Sindh had previously lifted all the burden of migration caused by the religion-based partition of subcontinent in 1947. Sindh had given those all molested and homeless people of time in her vast humble lap and Sain G.M Syed had declared them as a part of Sindhi nation and her sons. After 1947 govt. institutions under a conspiracy, deliberately shifted thousands of orphans of whole world to the Sindh converting it in a global orphanage and convert the native people in a minority. It is also aimed to isolate and crash the Sindhi nationalist movement, declaring it ethnic and racial movement. So state is bringing millions of Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Afghani, Bihari, Burmi, Rohangia and criminal fundamentalist people from other countries to Sindh. Inflow of these strange crowds is conspired on one hand and Native Sindhi Hindus are being forced to leave their motherland by illegal means and committing heinous atrocities against them on other. Except this, the political parties, especially JSMM, who tried to raise voice against these state atrocities, are continuously under state operation. Many of patriotic JSMM leaders and activists have been either abducted or killed by intelligence and security agencies of Pakistan. Women of my land are compelled to sell their children; youth are unemployed and committing suicides due to poverty and exploitation of resources by illegal migrants. I will not tolerate all these atrocities with my nation at any cost. JSMM has shown her clear stance on every critical issue of Sindh demanding to send all the settlers back. JSMM warns settlers that if you want your safety than quit Sindh otherwise ongoing war of survival of Sindh could use them as fuel” He said.