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Pakistan Ranger And ISI Blueprint To Sabotage JSMM Movement Exposed – asansol news

– December 11, 2012

Titu Shadowson

Asansol News

December 12, 2012; Karachi:

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Asansol News

Asansol News

If you are thinking that the brutal murder of a Hindu youngster on last Sunday in old Dhaka was just an isolated incident, then let me make it clear to you that another systematic and well planned carnage is waiting to victimize the minority Hindus of Pakistan. I am going to disclose a top secret ISI document classified as “Confidential” that exposes Pakistani plans to carry out brutal operations on the Hindu-sympathizer political class of Pakistan, the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM). Apart from the secret plan exposed by the documents it also throws light on Pakistan’s undeniable talent to beat the propaganda ministry of Nazi Dr. Joseph Goebbels whose officers imagined their own inexistent conspiracy theories of waging secret war-efforts against the nations Nazis actually wanted to conquer.

Since the birth of Pakistan from communal offspring of Islam in pseudo-secular womb of India, Pakistan is facing the second most strategically critical period in history. Many intelligence agencies in their reports have indicated the Balkanization of Pakistan by 2018 with uprising of a free Baloch nation. Added to that Pakistan is struggling hard to survive another internal strike of the uprising of the Sindhi nationalism for the Sindhudesh Liberation Army, which has been designed on the line of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).

When Pakistan was formed none knew that it would be the Punjabi Muslims (whom Baloch hatefully mock as “Punjol”) will dominate all other provinces like Sindh and Balochistan etc. In the initial years there was a lot anti-Hindu backlashes in which even today’s secular Sindhi nationalist-socialists too participated. But when the same extremism backed as a boomerang on them in the form of Punjabi-Wahabi-Salaafi dominance, the non-Punjols understood their fault. The true father of Sindhi nationalism GM Syed started raising his voice for a secular Sindhi nationalism and a separation of the region from the grip of Pakistan in democratic lines. Since 70’s, the Sindhi liberation movement has seen many ups and downs and reached a new momentum under the leadership of Shafi Muhammad Bufrat; the chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), the democratic and political wing of the Sindh movement. JSMM is a supporter of separate Sindhudesh and it is believed to have direct links with the Sindhudesh Liberation Army (SLA) which has successfully carried out remarkable strikes on the state sponsored terrorists in or without uniform though it has never harmed any civilian but the Pakistan government has always put charges of civilian-carnage on them in order to malign their image among their own people to detach them from mass support. JSMM has been able to gain global sympathy and Asansol News has been in constant contact with the JSMM activists. The JSMM

operatives drew global attention when they set an example of the only liberal Muslims on earth by condemning the 9/11 and its operator Islamists. JSMM had set an ideal for those tyrant Muslim people who are so eager to be called secular, humanist and liberal but are not ready to fulfill the criteria for such certifications; they want to be called the condemner of terrorism but won’t utter a word against jihad and will surprisingly blame America to be the main culprit. JSMM asked global support to balkanize Pakistan so that world could be saved, in Shafi Burfat’s article “Establishment of world peace: Requires demolition of Pakistan”. The JSMM even condemned and heavily protested against the forced abduction of the Hindu girls and their conversion into Islam whereas the media and other parties have ultimately blamed the parents to be communalists who weren’t ready to accept the Muslim boyfriends of their daughters even as such girls were screaming in the Kangaroo-Supreme Court of Pakistan, that they would rather die than to embrace Islam. While the Hindu community was migrating, the JSMM was the only one to ask for their rights and they staged powerful protests. JSMM leaders and operatives have been under constant threat from the Pakistan government and ISI and the chairman Shafi Burfat has to leave Pakistan to avert his life threat and according to classified ISI reports he is residing in Afghanistan and have been in contact with the RAW officers working in the Af-Pak region.

It is the now-or-never situation for Pakistan to either eliminate Burfat or malign his image among the mass. And how is that possible? That is possible through a false flag operation on its own citizen with the flag of JSMM.

The documents I am going to expose here are screaming the same. In a Pakistan Rangers confidential letter with official identity “1765/GS(Int)/4867/2012” written by Zia Ahmed Khan, Lieutenant Colonel for General Headquarters, Pakistan Rangers, Sindh to Mohammed Naveed, section officer (LE-II), for secretary to government of Sindh we come to know about an alleged conspiracy hatched by JSMM against Pakistan. According to the report JSMM (Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz) plans to wage terrorist attacks in Goth Tharri Mohabbat after a clandestine meeting of the group’s members was held at the residence of one Babul in Bhittai Mohalla, district Dadu. The report claims that JSMM further plans to blow up PARCO pipeline with connivance of Indian Intelligence RAW. The report mentions:
“3 persons were detailed for the task, while Abdul Sattar Kalhoro was made overall responsible for reconnaissance, support and provision of other assistance to accomplish this sabotage plan”.
In the secret report subjected as “Activities of sub-nationalists – Terrorist Plan by Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM)” it has been mentioned that a secret meeting happened on the night of 23/24 October of 2012, and several persons have been named as follows to have taken part in the meeting.

  1. Lala Aslam Pathan: senior vice chairman.
  2. Abdul Sattar Kalhoro: member, central committee.
  3. Ishaq Bhurgari: leader.
  4. Iliyas Bhurgari: leader.
  5. Akash Chand: activist.
  6. Muzammil Kalhoro: activist.
  7. Dongar Sindhi: activist.

The report says that 3 persons were given the charge to carry out the bomb attack on the pipeline and Abdul Sattar Kalhoro was made the captain of the team. The report further says that on 25th October 2012, JSMM chief Shafi Muhammad Burfat came to Sattar’s house around 1745 hours along with two other JSMM leaders Ishaq Burghari and Sharif Lund and two armed bodyguards, where Burfat was internet for 30 minutes and then went back to Dargah Mian Naseer Muhammad Kalhoro at Khaibar Nahan Shah on a grey color Corolla 20D numbered “AOW-729”.

Now what do we make of that report? We need to analyze it a bit. Is it really an intelligence report at all or just a homemade report some Ranger bugger wrote in spare time? Let us see.

First of all, look at the nature of the report? It has been termed as HUMINT or human intelligence, that means the agencies are unable to provide any substantial proof of such a meeting, like call intercept or digital footages or like that. Like professional and amateur, idiot and experienced news channels on a lean news-day they are talking about their sources. “Source” indeed, whistle blower. These kind of sources are fine in rural areas like Af-Pak region, not in urban like Sindh, they are fine against Taliban but not against the recognized JSMM. The HUMINT nature exposes that the entire drama has been staged.

Secondly, look at the report’s date. The meeting has been said to be conducted on 24 October and the letter was written on 3rd December, around a month ago. So surprising, either the great “terrorists” of JSMM are extremely lazy to wait for a month to blow up the PARCO pipeline or the great “protectors” of Pakistan, the Rangers are extremely ignorant to alert the agency about this “potential” threat. Even in Sindh, this HUMINT needs one month to reach the classified files. We know that social Pakistan is marching relentlessly back in time, is it the case of strategic Pakistan too?

Thirdly, it is strange to believe that Burfat, who is hiding from place to place in Afghanistan to avert the threat from ISI, has been reported to have entered deep inside Sindh and hold a meeting and surprisingly the most professional Muslim secret service ISI doesn’t get a hint of it? Its 24 hours active assassins miss such a golden chance to eliminate Burfat? Was the HUMINT writer drunk while writing such a report that mentions the presence of a man in a place who is present in Kabul, thousand miles away? This single point is enough to reject the document.

Now it is clear from the document’s suggestion to avert the “menace”. The action the document suggests is, “Concrete steps to be taken against Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) activists and its leaders through police to curb the menace.”

This is the Pakistani ISI covert and false flag plan. They will first blow up the pipeline and cause huge mass destruction against the Sindhis and then put the charges on them to malign their image. The report has been written keeping this plan in mind show that later they can present it as a proof of JSMM involvement in the Kangaroo-Supreme court of Pakistan. They only need an excuse to torture the activists and leaders of JSMM to sabotage their movement. In past they have been abducting the Sindhi leaders and activists like they did in Balochistan. And when they will arrest Akash Chand, a Hindu, they would have a “proof” of their long waiting theory of Hindu involvement and funding in terrorism in Pakistan and the uprising anti-Hindu sentiment will only strengthen the concept of Pakistan. 2 years ago the attorney general of Punjab alleged without proof that Hindus were behind terror strikes in Pakistan and faced severe criticism.

By this false flag operation Pakistan would achieve multiple objective, firstly, prove JSMM to be a terrorist organization and smash down the Sindh movement. Secondly, shut up the democratic voices in Pakistan and maintail Mullahism. Thirdly, by showing the pro-Hindu stand of the JSMM after framing them as terrorists ISI would massacre the Hindus. Fourthly, they would thus carry out mass murder of the JSMM leaders and operators.

But some dreams just remain dreams. Pakistan’s plan will not meet success, since this document has now been exposed and we wish the international community would take notice and understand that not just this one but even all previous terror strikes that has been charged on the Sindhudesh Liberation Army, are not only bogus but they are actually the handiwork of Pakistan, the true synonym of “Terrorism”.