Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz

Report leaked out, Operation will be launched against JSMM in near future

Note: It is hereby informed that in the under mentioned report, Pakistani Intelligence Agencies have claimed that a meeting of JSMM Taulka Mehar District Dadu was held in which it was decided to destroy a PARCO gas pipeline. We condemn these kinds of fake reports. JSMM didn’t held any meeting in Mehar. Shafi Burfat, Lala Aslam Pathan, Satar Kalhoro, Ishaque Bhurgri, Ilyas Bhurgri, Muzamil Kalhoro, Doongar Sindhi, they all belong to a sindhi nationalist Party and all are activists of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz. JSMM is the pure Political and revolutionary Party of sindh, which is striving for the freedom of Sindhu Desh. We feel such handmade and fake reports by Pakistani State as they are designed for an operation against JSMM. We also understand this conspiracy as it is being done by Pakistani state institutions and it will result into tortures, punishments and killings to JSMM activists. Being an oppressed nation we feel that freedom is our basic human right. We inform International Community that Pakistan is going to lauch an opperation against JSMM to commit a mass of genocide against sindhi nation.




Dunia News Report 5/Dec/2012

Dunia News Report 5/Dec/2012