Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Establishment of world peace: Requires demolition of Pakistan – Shafi Burfat

Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Religious fundamentalism, Mulaism, jihadi frenzy poses a serious threat to world peace. Religious fundamentalist forces are working day and night to empower religious extremism in the entire world. Pakistan is playing a leading role in hatching those dreadful conspiracies against world peace. In its formation, temperament and nature, Pakistan is a fundamentalist state. All of its institutions, intelligent agencies, armed forces, bureaucracy, ideology, policies and actions are based on religion. To nourish its unfair existence, this state is backing religious fundamentalism. The extremism, being faced by whole the world including Europe, USA, Middle-east, Africa, Central and South Asia is a fundamental part of formation and nature of Pakistan. Fundamentalism is being backed by Punjabi colonizers to strengthen their political imperialism, economic exploitation, and psychological dominance, geo-political and strategic position in the region. On one hand the same uses it to elongate it’s 65 years long exploitation of mineral-rich Sindhi and Baloch lands through armed hostility and imposed slavery. On the other hand it is backing religious extremism and publicizing it in the entire world. Pakistan has always used its so-called two-nation theory and Islam as a weapon to legalize its occupation over the sea, agricultural lands, geographical entities, mineral and natural resources of oppressed nations through armed dominancy. This state will continue impacting cancerous effects over Sindhis and Balochs until the civilized and democratic world will eradicate its poisonous, fascist and extremist existence from its roots. Not only this but whole the region will have to suffer a continuous state of barbarism, terrorism, uncertainty and political unrest. Central and south Asia will also have to remain in a continuous and serious threat of being invaded by these fundamental forces. As a political agent of oppressed and occupied secular Sindh I appeal the world that if they are seriously willing to free the mankind permanently from the cancer of religious fundamentalism, they must support the Sindhi and Baloch nations, having widespread historically secular cultural perspectives to get their freedom through disintegration of this un-natural fundamentalist state of Pakistan. Except this all other strategies costing billions deployed to stop religious terrorism are definitely in vain. We Sindhis clearly declare to the civilized world that we are politicaly like-minded to the civilized world and do favor the ongoing war against religious fundamentalism. Supporting the freedom of Sindhi and Baloch nations will result in the establishment of permanent world peace on one hand and will also empower our nations to make efforts for the establishment of global peace and immortal human brotherhood on other.


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