Shafi Muhammad Burfat





 Dear Mr. Ban ki-moon Secretary General United Nations

Dear Mr. Barack Obama President United States of America

Dear Mr. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister India

Dear Mr. President European Council The Arab World, Israel, Russia, and the Central Asia.

JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat

We had appealed all of you through a detailed letter, dated 14-08-2010, pertaining to the current super flood disaster in Sindh, in which we have given the reason how viciously the fundamentalist Punjabi army and its terrorist ISI have schemed and materialized a horrible disaster in Sindh by breaching the western dykes of the river Indus which have resulted in drowning, wiping out, and destroying half of Sindh. According to the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz data collection wing, at least some 15 million people have directly been affected in the disaster with a serious loss of worth Rs. 831 billion here in Sindh.

The reason behind such a heinous crime against humanity is that the imperialist Punjab in accomplice with its fascist army and the international scoundrel ISI wanted to preserve their exploitary machinery in Sindh such as;

(a) They avoided draining off the super flood from its natural route of Ali Wahan because it would destroy the Pano Aaqil cantonment situated in the way there.

(b)preservation of highways and railways by the left bank serving as the largest transportation rout to Punjab for the reason to continue the draconian exploitation of our natural resources (oil and gas), industries.

We have been informed of another reason behind all that, that the Punjabi army has hidden its nuclear and chemical weapons in the Achhro Thar and a possible breach along the left side would have possibly resulted in engulfing the arsenal site situated in the desert.

Such have been the reasons behind all this havoc unleashed by the fascist Punjab which have brought almost half of Sindh at the verge of death and pestilence.

All apart from this, we also informed you of the corrupt, flippant, draconian, and ignorant state machinery had been trying and would continue to try to portray a wrong picture of the facts and figures in order to show that the Punjab and Pakhtoons had suffered more than Sindh, so as to swallow up the lion’s share from the international humanitarian aid expected at that time to be sent to the state.

We once again draw your kind attention to the matter in order to monitor and investigate the situation through your own able administration to check the hitherto unchecked horrendous and wanton violation of human rights in Sindh at the hands of the vampire theocratic state. This all goes on and on just because we are, essentially and thoroughly, a secular nation with normal social psyche of tolerance and humanism.

Because we do not believe in the rascal drama of the two-nation theory followed by the fascist Punjab and Pakhtoons.

That is why, they have dropped the flood bomb on our nation and it has left our people in a social, economic and psychological alienation. Our society is moving on the path of anarchy, utter disappointment, and hopelessness.

Amidst such a situation, the fascist theocratic state is trying to give our people the poison of Islamic radicalism in order to wash down their healthy social behavior.

We have closely observed that, the Punjab has been trying to distort the very complexion of our people’s social thought and temperament at this critical moment in the history of our nation. We appeal to the civilized nations of the world to take a serious notice of such a loathsome deed of talibanisation on the part of the state.

It is a pity that our people have received not a single penny from the state despite having received huge humanitarian aid from the nations of the world and global aid and monitory organizations.

The puppet chief minister of Sindh said in a news statement on 13th of September that despite such a heart rending situation here in Sindh, we have received not a single rupee from the central government.

You could well guess from all this that how Sindh has been subjected to the vicious schemes of Punjab, while Sindh submits in the center the 75 percent of the total revenue collection of the state.

Very recently, the chief minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, has expressed his gratitude to Saudi Arabia for granting direct aid to the province of Punjab!

On the one hand, it is the overwhelming authority and power of the province of Punjab that it is receiving direct aid from the countries of the world without seeking permission from the federal government of Pakistan, on the other hand is Sindh which can receive not a single rupee from Pakistan because Sindh happens to be an ultimately subordinate nation here in this un-natural state and we do not really match with their extremist and Islamist  psyche because of our social norms such as democratic, humanist, secular, nature of thought.

Punjabis and Pakhtoons fall into an essentially fundamentalist and extremist lot while Sindhis believe in humanism, fraternity, and mutual brotherhood. That is why, the fundamentalist Punjabi army and its most darling, the extremist ISI, try to keep us away from the international humanitarian aid organizations and the international community.

The state also keeps a vice grip on the media here and has made it a puppet which dances about at the instructions of the ISI. It gives us no coverage to our voice.

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz established camps in Sukkar, Khairpur, Noshehro Feroz, Moro, Sehwan, Dadu, Larkana, Jamshoro, Thata, Badin, Gharo, Tando Muhammad khan, and Karachi respectively, to provide the affectees the immediate aid such as free food, water, and medical facilities and medicine, but many of our humanitarian aid and relief camps have been rooted out by the fascist Punjabi army, the ISI, and the puppet police here in Sindh.

However, in Karachi, the Memon, Kachhi, Aghakhani, Ahmadi, Silawat, Marwari, Kathyawari, Okhai, Chhipa communities of Sindhi nation respectively, have helped the people openheartedly, while the Selani Trust has made a great contribution in providing free food to the affectees. Dr Adeeb Rizwi and his Christly SIUT, have rendered great service in medicine.

However, it is really disappointing and hurting that the MQM played a role of an opportunist towards the flood affected people of Sindh.

But as for as the situation is concerned here in Sindh, there is much still needed to be done for the restoration of normal life here in Sindh as the people of Sindh need houses, jobs, health facilities, economic and psychological rehabilitation which naturally requires Rs.10 million/family. We appeal to the international community to take immediate efforts in this regard to save the people of Sindh from a possible talibanisation as the state is taking hectic efforts to talibanise the flood affectees of Sindh.

It may well be noted that if the secular nation of Sindh would be left unhelped, we are afraid, the people of Indus valley civilization, the founding father of civilization, are likely to fall pray to the draconian Jihadis and religious extremists. For the restoration of our people, hereby, we appeal to the international community to help and aid at this critical and clandestine moment that has rocked our nation.







Dated: Sep/14/2010


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