Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Appeal of Shafi Burfat to Heads of all the Democratic States & institutes

Long Live Sindhudesh                                                                     Long Live Sain G.M Sayed

Honorable Mr Ban K. Mon! Secretary General United Nations

Honorable  Mr Barack  H. Obama! President United States of America

Political Leadership of European Union and the Heads of all the Democratic States!

JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat

We, hereby, by this humble appeal want to draw your attention towards unnatural State of Pakistan (which has neither national nor historical grounds of establishment) and its secret agencies specially ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) and such like other agencies; and thereof feral, beastly, nasty and un-human acts. These agencies by screening their cruel, mean and brutal nature, fired indiscriminately on the Central Senior Vice Chairman of Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM) Serai Qurban Khuhawarr, JSMM Central Deputy Secretary General Abdul Jabbar Chandio alias Rooplo Choliani, Member of Central Committee JSMM Noorullah Tunio and National Worker Nadir Bugti at the day of 21 April, 2011, at the day time. After all that brutality when all of them got serious injured, the agencies personals put flammable chemical on their vehicle and set them on fire. Seeing all this, the nearby villagers ran to save them but the aforementioned cruel managed to escape from the scene and the people could save only Noorullah Tunio in serious condition, whose body was almost burnt. The injured Noorullah told to media that the cruel murderers and burning them alive to the JSMM leadership were long-booted, on govt-number plate oriented vehicles, ISI, personnel.

In this way, the injured political worker Noorullah pointed out the brutal killers of ISI personals to the national and international media in his life. He disclosed all the brutality and gave detailed account of the incident. Afterwards, the people of Sindh not only protested widely but caught into great fear and trauma.

All the political parties of Sindh and nationalist leaders the coaled bodies of the martyrs buried with tears and sobs. So, we clarify that the responsible of the sons of this soil is fundamentalist and extremist state of Pakistan and its secret agency ISI and its atrocious personnel are. The basic aim behind this incident is to crash the National Independence movement of JSMM for its Sindhodesh and to punish the party for its steadfast stand for struggle. It is not only the violation of basic human rights but the suppression of freedom of speech and thought of Sindhi people. We condemn this Pakistani fascist attack. We opine that our struggle and standing steadily on the point for national independence is our basic and natural right; thereof this atrocious state of Pakistan is trying to discontinue us. That’s why; ISI has ever been impeding Sindh’s political, economical, administrative, social, cultural and geographical progress and welfare.

ISI, like snake’s poison made the lives of Sindhi people forbidden. That is why, JSMM kept on appealing to the world leaders and civilized countries against the atrocities of the fascist State and its vindictive ISI. That is the reason that the leadership of JSMM including me (the central chairman of JSMM) has always been barred to go to the people and work for the welfare of people; we worked peacefully. That is the reason that the central leadership who were on the work of celebrating the annual anniversary of Sain G. M Syed, including Serai Qurban Khuhawarr, Rooplo Choliani, Nadir Bugti and Noor ullah Tunio were burnt alive, from them was saved by the villagers from death, was the sole eye witness of the inhuman ISI agency officials. Noorullah, due to the bullets in his body and with burnt body, couldn’t survive ultimately and died as martyr on 30 April. Thus, the toll of murdered political leaders reached to 4 near Sanghar.

I, as a political representative of my Sindhi people, clarify before the UN Human Rights Commission, International Court of Justice and the leaders of civilized countries of the world that my people, Sindhi people are murdered and wiped out discretely because of the Punjabi military establishment by imperialistic strategy has been enslaving Sindhi people in the name of so-called Two Nation Theory. On the other hand, we are demanding our independence from that slavery that is why, we are struggling. Consequently, my party is facing retaliating attitude by the state agencies. By which my party leaders and workers including JSMM central Secretary General Muzzafra Bhutto, Shahnawaz Bhutto, Riaz Kakepoto, Jam Bhutto, Mubeen Shar, Lala Yasir Pathan, are still missing by the hands of the State Agencies.

The people who were abducted by the agencies are still unknown, without any legal support or court trials; they are tortured and punished deadly. Whatever has been done with Baluchistan, same thing is carried out in Sindh also. We think that, it is psychological and physical war against the people of Sindh.

The people who were tortured to death, a part of Sanghar incident where 4 leaders were burnt to death, include,

Martyr Samiuullah Kalhoro, Martyr Zulfiqar Kolachi, Martyr Professor Ijaz Solangi, Martyr Mumtaz Bhutto, Martyr Assad Abbasi, Martyr Majid Memon,Martyr Babar Snadeelo, and Martyr Mushtaq Kahskheli.

We say on oath that we are ready to be burnt alive, would like to die, to be tortured but would never surrender nor withdraw from our goal of freedom and independence. We say it all on the oath of bloods of the martyr and we take oath of five thousand years Indus Civilization that we would continue our struggle for our homeland.

It should be remembered that Pakistani State whose foundation is laid on religious extremism and intolerance; how that State can support the war against extremism with the civilized world? Its secret agency ISI is hospitalizing the Al Qaida and extremist Taliban, is doing nothing just to blackmail the world leaders. We in support of USA’s war against terrorism held protest on the incident of Shikarpur, where NATO oil tankers were ablazed by the religious extremists, at that ISI retaliated JSMM heavily. From that day, ISI started its war against us.

I appeal to the aforementioned leaders, States and Institutes to take notice of Pakistani intelligence agencies and its atrocities against Sindhi people and support us economically, morally, politically, culturally etc to get rid of this extremist state. And also I appeal for saving the JSMM leaders and workers, so that their lives could be saved.

Shafi Muhammad Burfat


Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM)

Dated: May-2011


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