Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz

A Brief Interview taken By Khahorri Panel from Burnt Alive JSMM leader Noorullah Tunio

JSMM senior vice chairman Shaheed Masaat Noorullah Tunio

Question: At what time did this incident take place?

Noorullah Tunio: Sir, we were leaving Nawabshah and were going to friends….a meeting regarding Sain’s (Sain G M Syed) anniversary was held over there. We after crossing Sanghar, reached at bypass we saw a Land Cruiser vehicle chasing us, then suddenly another vehicle of white colour overtaking stopped us.

Q: the vehicle which stopped in front you was a land cruiser?
NT: yeah, that vehicle was also a Land Cruiser, as the vehicle in front of us saw us, that vehicle came in front. There were basically 2 vehicles; one in front of us and other behind us….hmmmm one vehicle was coming from front side towards us, as that vehicle saw us and that vehicle flushed its torchy lights so beamy it was, it moved forward to us. Serai sahib stopped our vehicle and tried to move backward direction. In the meantime, the vehicle which was chasing us reached; at the same time the people got down from the front vehicle they had clashancoves and G3 weapons. Serai and all of us raised hands up but when they saw that there is none behind us, they started indiscriminate firing, those who were sitting in front seats they were hit by the bullets, thus vehicle went down off the road to a ditch. I and another guy were sitting on the rear seat came down of the vehicle. We were down off the vehicle and the vehicle was in ditch yet they were firing. They after shooting for 15 minutes, casting petrol they set fire. When the villager, hearing the sound of bullets and shooting and seeing fire emblazing, the villagers ran to us. When the cops saw the villagers, they departed. I was in my senses here somewhat. As fire got height I came out, I was injured by the bullet and my body was much burnt due to the fire, it was drenched place, I fall down. Afterwards the villagers took me to a hospital. The cops had murdered me by their account.

Q: How many people were there who attacked you all?
N. T: They were approximately 8 to 10. They all were Punjabis.

Q: Were they speaking Urdu?
N. T: Yeah, they were abusing to Jeay Sindh in Urdu. They were saying that we will wipe you out, you are talking about to split Pakistan, that is impossible.

Q: Were they in military dress?
N. T: They were in civil dressed wearing long boots and military caps on head.

Q: Did they tell that they were army personnels?
N. T: It is surely understood, they had long boots and seemed commandos, only army cops they can be. Poor people don’t have such wearings and vehicles they were surely from army.

Q: who were with you? Tell their names…
N. T: I, Rooplo and Serai Qurban….4th one was a new friend of our party, I don’t know him fully because he came with Serai sahib….

Q: He was he your party member?
N. T: of course, he was our party member.

Q: In your opinion, Pakistani establishment, ISI and army cops shoot you and burnt you only due to punish you for Sindhudesh? You call them responsible for all that? Can the FIR, (Case) be registered against them?
N. T: They were wearing army caps, long boots and heavy weapons; it is obvious that they were state backed. Common people can’t have all these things. How can any case be registered in Pakistan? If really any case could be registered, it must be against Pak army.

Q: You are worker of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), what’s the aim of your party?
N. T: yaeh, we are. Our party aim is to get freedom from Pakistan, we want freedom of Sindhudesh. As long as we have last breaths, we’ll continue our struggle for that. We even sacrificing our too many friends/people, we’ll win our freedom.

Q: After this incident, is there rise in your sentiments or feel suppressed?
N.T: Inevitably, we are fighting for freedom, there would be such tortures. Friends would be martyred, we would be homeless, all that is to face. But when we’d have Independent Sindhuseh, we’ll meet again.


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