Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Welcome to UN delegation to visit barbarian Pakistan – Shafi Muhammad Burfat

              We extend our warm welcome to the human rights team of united nations to investigate the forcible and illegal abductions, missings, unlawful arrests and killings of political activists of JSMM. The brutal inteligence agencies, ISI and MI have been involved in the killings and missings of innocent political activists of JSMM (Jeay Sindh Muttahida Muhaz) since 2002. In which most of the central committee members of JSMM have been abducted by these government institutions and have been tortured and killed brutally. Those freedom fighters and activists of JSMM who were being burnt alive in the streets and killed by torture cells are; Bhutto Muzafar, Khuhawar Qurban, Kalhoro Samiullah, Cholyani Rooplo, Tunio Noorullah, Kolachi Zulifqar, Qureshi Bashir, Bugti Nadir, Khaskheli Mushtaque, Memon Majid, Abbasi Asad and Sandelo Babar. Except this freedom fighters of Sindhudesh and political workers of JSMM were also kidnapped for years by government institutions of Pakistan are; Panwhar Afzal, Mallah Shabir, Arisar Bashir, Chandio Murtaza, Laghari Imran, Bhatti Sanaullah, Mahar Nawab, Butto Shahnawaz, Kakepoto Riaz, Bhutto Jam, Malano Ahsan, Shah Muhsin, Soomro Tahir, Bhatti Mazhar, Soomro Salim, Laghari Rafique, Chandio Fiaz, Saharn Ghulam Nabi, Mallah Muharam, Jakhrani M.Khan, Chandio Khadim, Zulifqar, Abdul Sattar, Asghar Ali, Kolachi Qalandar Bux, Bhutto Asif, Panwhar Asif, Kalhoro Fahad, Kalhoro Asad, Burfat Ali Madad, Malik Kashif, Mari Mir Alam, Teewno Umar, Teewno Ahmad, Janwary Fiaz, Mari Mansoor, Soomro Sikandar, Nawaz Khan, Noohani Mola Bux, Chandio Ikhtiar and Panwhar Mukhtiar. More than this most of the political workers of JSMM such as Bozdar Zakir, Dhakan Akbar, Markhand Illahi Bux, Laghari Nawaz, Jokhio Imran and many other members belonging to coastal areas of sindh have been abducted by these government institutions of theocratic state, Pakistan.

The above political activists are still facing inhuman torture. government institutions and this state as well is also forcing them  to stop striving for the freedom of their homeland, Sindhudesh and imposing religious ideology over Sindhi people, and for this purpose this state and its government institutions has brought various religious groups such as Haqqani Network, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Jesh Muhammad, Jamat-ul-Dawah  and Taliban in Sindh. Coastal areas of Sindh and in various areas of Sindh in which different sectarian groups and immigrants have been settled in order to extend network of religious extremism which is against the nature of this historical, secular, civilization of democratic Sindh. We invite UN delegation to investigate these cases of abductions & extra-judicial killings of political activists of JSMM and to take in notice, all the brutalities of State against the Freedom Movement of our sacred homeland, Sindhudesh.

Shafi Muhammad Burfat


Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM)

This appeal  is published in Daily Kawish & Daily Awami Awaz of 9/11/2012


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