Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSMM)

Press release of Shafi Muhammad Burfat, Chariman JSMM


Shafi Muhammad Burfat

 Ref: Press release – Karachi

dated: 9/11/2012

We on behalf of sindhi nation extend our condolences to not only the bereaved of 9/11 martyrs but also the whole US nation including Barack Obama. 9/11 played havoc not only upon the US but also on the peace and prosperity of the whole mankind. Religious extremism is an alarming threat to the security of the world. It has become more than clear now that the progress of the whole humanity is contingent upon the teachings of G.M Syed. The same has been stated by Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) Chairman Shafi Mohammad Burfat of late. He said that religious extremism and so called jehad have brought humans upon the verge of terrorism, universal bias and hatred and social-economic crisis that have ended up in heinous crimes such as 9/11. If we take a bird’s eye view, we will not find even a single place of the earth that is or can be safe from terrorism acts. Islamic fundamentalism is being proliferated across the globe unabatedly. The chairman further said that Pakistan is an unfair and unnatural state that feeds upon the absurd springhead of two-nation theory. It has enslaved sindhi nation that boasts thousands years of glorious culture and civilization. Balocistan has been badly forced to meet the same fate. Pakistan has been exploiting sindh and Balochistan with no scruples whatsoever for last 63 years. On the one hand Pakistan is tyrannizing sindh and Balochistan and on the other hand it is exporting terrorism to every nook and corner of the world. It has not only served as safe heavens for huge terrorists like Osama Bin Ladin but also played the role of and effective nursery wherein terrorist masterminds are manufactured and exported along with flawless terrorist strategies.

The chairman said that G.M Syed had warned the west in 1952 in Viana congress that helping the religious extremism foster would backfire, and it did exactly so. His prediction turned out to be a bitter reality. The west did not pay the required attention to G.M Syed and it is suffering along with the whole world now.

The chairman said that freedom of sindh is vital to the peace and prosperity of the world as sindh is the only nation and land which is armed with the peaceful ideology that can bring religious extremism, terrorism and bias on their knees.

The chairman suggested the NATO Countries that war on terror cannot achieve its objective unless the peaceful, spiritual and tolerant elements of sindh are not taken help from. The chairman appealed to the democratic and secular countries such as The US, The UK, India and Germany that they help sindh to get freedom. We can put an end to religious fundamentalism with our spiritual and ideological power. The freedom of sindh will not play its role for the peace and prosperity of the world but will also help The NATO to break the backbone of terrorism. It will result in an end to the wastage of multi-billion dollars that are being hurled in an open-ended war to no avail. The chairman said the Europe and America must understand the fact that Punjabi imperialists are exploiting sindh and Balochistan for their vested interests, and global peace and prosperity cannot be achieved unless the oppressed are freed from the oppressive.

The chairman appealed that the west must openly support the struggle of sindh and Balochistan for freedom, if they want Peace, Prosperity, Freedom, Democracy, Justice, Secularism, and Fraternity to prevail across the globe.

Press Sec:

Imdad Ali Shahani

Jeay Sindh Mutahhada Mahaz


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