Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSMM)

Press Release of JSSF (JSMM) Against religious extremism

Ref: Press Release – Jamshoro

Dated: 1/Sep/2012


Press Release of JSSF (JSMM)

Religious fundamentalism and mad jihadi psyche, pose a serious threat to the world peace and development. Pakistan is a worldly nursery for religious frenzy and fundamentalism. International brotherhood, world unity and human development are conditional to the implementation of the theories of Sain G.M Syed which show the grave concerns for the Freedom of Sindhudesh and propose the worldwide establishment of freedom, peace, unity and equality of human beings. Created by religious theory of two nations in the subcontinent, the Pakistan, is a freak of nature and root cause to all the evils in the world, and is also responsible for committing a mass genocide in Sindh and Balochistan along with exploitation of their resources and extra-judicial killings of thousands of political and human rights activists. This has been stated in a press release issued by Central General Secretary of Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSMM), Mr.Shahnawaz Bhutto. “Pakistan is an Unnatural state and is a centre for formulation and propagation of religious extremism in the world. Sindhis have been historically and traditionally peace-loving, tolerant and a secular nation, enjoying the light and bounties of Mysticism (Sufism)” he added. He further stated that Sindhis as a nation have always avoided religious fundamentalism while Punjabis and Pashtuns have been favoring it throughout history. In a address to Congress of People for Peace held in Vienna (1952), our leader G.M Syed had warned the international community especially U.S.A about upcoming consequences of their support to fascist and fundamentalist state of Pakistan and had appealed them to stop it, but his voice was not given an ear at that time as it didn’t suit their interests and it gave birth to the current crisis of the world. However we conceive the current war against terrorism as our own war. He said that the State of Pakistan has fixed its roots in religious extremism and Punjanbi chauvinism, which is hatching conspiracies to destroy the Sindhi and Baloch nations by enslaving them through the use of military power and exploiting their mineral resources. State-based operations of agencies of Pakistan, the I.S.I and M.I has resulted in the extra-judicial killings of several Sindhi and Baloch nationalist leaders and political activists including Shaheed Sirae Qurban Khuhawar, Shaheed Muzafar Bhutto, Shaheed Samiullah Kalhoro, Shaheed Zulfiqar Kolachi, Shaheed Rooplo Choliyani, Shaheed Noorullah Tunio,Shaheed Aijaz Solangi, Shaheed Nawab Akber Khan Bugti, Shaheed Balach Khan Mari, Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, Shaheed Sana Sangat Baloch and hundreds of Sindhi & Baloch political activists have been abducted by state agencies and passing under inhuman torture in the custody of I.S.I. He appeald world conscience including U.N.O, U.S.A, NATO and other democratic nations to provide ethical, political and financial support for the freedom of Sindhudesh and Balochistan, and to establish universal peace through disintegration of this fundamentalist and terrorist state of Pakistan.


Press Secretary

Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSMM)


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