Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz


Press conference of JSMM Leaders & Protest of JSMM against attack on NATO

Ref: Press conference – Hyderabad                                  Date: 2/10/2010

Dear journalist friends!
G.A SINDHU DESH, G,A, SAIN G,M,SYED,Today we would apprise you the current situation of the world and tell the entire Sindhi Nation through the intellectuals, journalists as you Sindhi journalists are absolutely aware of this tradition that national movement of Sindh in the modern ideology of our G.M.Syed ‘s political staunch followers has the stance since emergence of unnatural country Pakistan chaired us in Slaves vicious circle on the base of the vicious two nation theory Punjabi fascist and its vicious forces and hideous disguised agencies not only with Sindhi and Balouch but drenched this entire world into Mullacracy (Fundamental ) and constant fear of horror spread sprit and so called Jihad in the world , this notorious Utopian ideology falling into this vicious circle of its barbarically boundaries . History apparently bears us witness that this fascist state crossed all the limits of crime, torture & mass bloodshed into the peaceful world. As a matter of fact the Taliban and Al-Qaida and other disguised hence religion based fundamentalist and fascist state and ISI patronized this type , Lashkar-e-Jhungvi and the notorious Actually the Taliban, Al-Qaida were designed trained and nurtured , and brought into existence and sponsored as a regime of terror and global fascism by I.S.I. However as for as, the solution in the region is concerned it has been trying to frustrate the neighboring India and Afghanistan and as for peace and normalization in the neighboring countries and concerned, it has been inflecting up on them a continuous complexities of pangs. That’s why, such activities of this notorious and fascist state, neighboring countries are at stake particularly India and Afghanistan and its relations with Pakistan have been degenerated. It has been state which has proven itself a matchless evil malice to its neighboring countries.

Since emergence of this fascist state the Sindhi nation has been remained in chains. We are the true and strict followers of the message of G M Syed. Basically, the message of great leader Syed fall like havoc on this state. Who preached Sufism, secularism and unity of humanity and condemnation of religiosity in his message of Sindh the great Syed waged an ideological war against fascist networks of “Mullacracy”, fundamentalism jihadist ideology of Pakistan.  It has been state which has dumped the world into as abysmal and unending nuclear race and strife which has brought the world at the verge of possible war. It has been state which felt no shame on economic exploitation, yazidian use of blind force, torture, terror and injustice to Sindh and Balochistan falling into the vicious circle of its notorious boundaries. This state did genocide and massive killing of innocent people. Such ruthless activities of fascist state felt no shame. Our great leader Sain G M Syed gave us valuable ideology that Sindh is our land. The Sindhi nation has been the exemplary nation since ages and unshakable belief in secularism and universal brotherhood.
For 63 years, the fascist state is active in Sindh to distort the social fiber of Sindh but has never been successful. As the history witnesses that peaceful government of Dr. Najeeb who believes in humanism and universal brotherhood. His government in Afghanistan was also destroyed by the so-called fundamentalist group. In this scenario the entire world absolutely aware of the role of Pakistan the nations have remained in chains. Pakistani Punjabi and Pakhtoon have been fundamentalist . Sindhi and Baloch preach secularism, world peace and believe universal brotherhood. That’s why, the ISI in accomplice with its officers, and Pakistan army sponsored terrorist attacks in Mumbai, intervention in Kashmir, mischievous act in Afghanistan and Iran and inciting the Muslim in china and other activist of Chechnya  As in Balochistan BLA, BRA & in Sindh SLA and SNLM are so active and mobilizing their people through their unending and sincere efforts. The international community should support Sindhi and Balouch. The Punjabi would not bear such promising activities done by our freedom fighters. That’s why , I.S.I. sponsored terrorist attacks on NATO’s supplies . So Pakistan fascist state wants to distort the sufism and liberal thinking of Sindhi Nation. The Sindhi Nation will continue to support and stand with international community in the war on terror. We will stand with America, NATO, European Union , Afghanistan and India in the war on terror. They added, Punjabi I.S.I. and Pakistan Army are the black mailer fraudulent and they bolster and sponsor extremist against international community. I would like to once again bring it to the kind nation of the international community that my nation lends stronger support to the international community’s campaign against a fundamentalism, and we will stand magnanimously with the world for restoration of world peace and for the evolutionary of the humanity. We also condemn the attacks on NATO convoy to find the ambush activity. We strongly instruct the fundamentalist and I.S.I. to avoid such mischievous act and not to conspire against the essence and existence of our land. That dramatic action would not be accepted by the intelligent and wise Sindhi.
Thanks to all Journalist.
Srai Qurban Khuhawar
Senior voice chairman (JSMM)
Muzafar Bhutto
General Secretary (JSMM)
After the press conference jsmm leaders, they were burned alive. And, Muzaffar Bhutto was killed by violence. Their crime was that, in the fight against terrorism, and particularly enlightened world, the U.S. and NATO were supporting.

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