Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz



Muzafar Bhutto

Shaheed Muzafar Bhutto – 17th Jan 2011


17 Jan’s day is birthday of SAIN G.M SYED. It is birthday of that leader who in early 50s told to America and western world, by helping Pakistan like Fundamentalist and Fascist State, you are harming whole world’s Peace and prosperity. World did not pay any attention to SAIN G.M SYED’s that intimation, instead, whole world foolishly helped this state, while, when Pakistan fixed its feet and after 50 years world realized that G.M SYED was right, who informed to them. Consequently, the western countries, America, British, France or our neighboring Country India are of the view that Pakistan is dangerous state and devastating for world’s peace.

All this is waging war against this evil at own end. Given to this international situation, G.M SYED’s real Apostle, Sindhies loyal son, SHAFI MOHAMMAD BURFAT likewise appeals to whole world and recalls SAIN G.M SYED’s intimation at them, war for world peace, war for Freedom will be fought in Sindh, at G.M SYED’s motherland. This struggle would spring from the Sann, so whole world especially India our neighboring country help us, help us in getting rid of this Bastard and Fundamentalist State.

End of this state world peace and prosperity, are dependent of SAIN G.M SYED’s message. G.M SYED’s message is Peace, Prosperity and Unity of the World. G.M SYED would hold, SINDHU DESH is necessary for completion of such message. G.M SYED’s ideological follower the SHAFI BURFAT, says such SINDHU DESH is impossible without radicalism. He appeals to freedom fighters if you aim at preserving sindh’s resources you cannot get them safe with strikes and protests. Sindh’s these rivers, minerals, gas and petroleum products can be made safe in way the way BARHAMDAAG BUGTI is protecting in Balochistan, the way BALAACH insured safety and martyred for Balochistan’s soil and resources, the way AKBAR BUGTI denouncing glamour’s powers took rifle.

I came across a Pamphlet; every one sitting in this ground would have read too, it is the message of a new freedom fighter DARYA KHAN.  I on behalf of my Party JSMM, announce to help his struggle morally and financially. DARYA KHAN GO AHEAD AND FIGHT, if any of your comrade martyrs we will own him, we will place his body in motherland with our slongs and swards. Another great man MR. SHABIR MALLAH is also sitting who had been twice in torture cell. I am little bit more familiar with these cells than any comrade, I know very well what happens there and this great man had been recently from there. This man faced bravely to ISI Bastard Officials, he told ISI officials were saying this country is passing across difficult times. JSMM is creating huge problem for us under said situation though many parties are fighting for sindh’s freedom but this state is much afraid of our party and chairman as it would have been of our great leader SAIN G.M SYED. State was afraid of every word, every book and every movement of that great leader likewise again this state is afraid of SHAFI BURFAT, G.M SYED’s Real follower. Certainly it is a pride for all us. Apart from that, SHABIR MALLAH told, narrating ISI Officials, we killed SAMIULLAH KALHORO, we killed ASAD, we killed MUMTAZ BHUTTO, we killed MAJID but G.M SYED’s did not turn back. We tortured JSMM members in Cell; labeled them as RAW Agent, but sindhi Intelligential denied and hold them as real sons of soil. We jailed them, but they accept rebeln and own G.M SYED’s book, SINDH SPEAKS. WE tried everything to get you disappointed but you people did not. LO! We have set a new strategy to tackle you all, it will not be, to kill you, torture you, jail you but it will be of no confidence between party leadership and members. If you have to live alive, you must criticize SHAFI BURFAT in party meetings, or from any other party alike JSMM.

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