Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz



JSMM Sec Gen, Shaheed Muzafar Bhutto

 Honorable Judge,

I, namely, Muzaffar Bhutto, after being provided the opportunity to submit my record, am presenting my point of view, so that the real facts regarding this case may be brought forward.

 You’re Honor,

I am affiliated to a Sindhi Nationalist Political Party, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz, and I am posted as Finance Secretary since 2002.

You’re Honor,

I was arrested on 6th October 2005 from Tariq Road, Karachi by former DPO Shikarpur, Fareed Jan Sarhandi, Zulfiqar Arain, ASI Ghulam Nabi Panhwar, ASI Aijaz Chandio and 16 others who belonged to Intelligence Agencies (whom I can recognize after seeing). After my arrest I was taken to an unknown place in Karachi where I was under worst torture continuously for 3 days. After the 3 days torture I was shifted to Hyderabad, without any judicial remand or legal process I was put under mental and physical torture in a grave type narrow cell by some intelligence agency (they were calling themselves to be from ISI).

You’re Honor,

Immediately after my arrest my relatives filed a petition in High Court for about my loss, but even after the petition the concern authorities kept lying in the court and did not show my arrest. At last I and my friend Abdul Sattar Hakro, Senior Vice Chairman were handed over the Inspector Anwar Ali Lakho and Sub Inspector Abdul Kareem Malik on 7th November 2006. They both presented me infront of ATA Court, where I told the whole story of my arrest, loss, torture in front of the Public Prosecutor. The Prosecutor replied that they knew that I was under the arrest of intelligence agencies and asked me to put the story in front of the Judge. Whereas I was not even presented in front but instead I was given over to Jamshoro Police on 7 days remand. On the same day I was presented in front of the Second Civil Judge Kotri, there I told the same above mentioned story to the Honorable Judge. Upon my statement, the judge asked me whether I had told the same to the ATA Judge. I told the Judge that I was not presented in front of the ATA Judge where as I submitted the same detailed statement to the Public Prosecutor.

You’re Honor.

After the 7 days remand, the Jamshoro Police, again took more seven days remand and shifted me to CIA Center. After the completion of the Remand, I was shifted to Central Jail Hyderabad on 22nd November 2006.

You’re Honor,

Through this court I want to put my statement on record that the operation against my Party, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz, started by the Intelligence Agencies especially ISI and others  in which arrests, crack down, tortures and losses for years should be brought forward to Sindhi Nation as well as the whole world.

You’re Honor,

As I belong to Sindh’s Nationalist Party, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) which completely believes in the Ideology of the Great Leader Sain G. M. Syed’s belief in the struggle of “Sindhudesh’s complete independence and Sindhi Nations Separate State” on the principles of Global Unity, International Peace, and Human Development. Our Meaning of Nationalism is National Independence, Defense of National Resources and Rehabilitation of the nation and I have been struggling for the achievements of these great principles from the platform of my party, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz. My party is the only party who rejects the blessings of the ISI and MI etc as well as such trend and has been against it. My party’s Chairman, Central Executives, and Workers, instead of getting clearance from these rouge organizations have preferred to clear themselves in front of the Sindhi Nation, standing firm on the ideology of G. M. Syed selected the revolutionary politics. This is the reason that we are like needle in the eye of the rouge organizations like ISI and MI etc.

Honorable Judge,

All this barbarism, imposed upon us, is because of the rejection of our Chairman, Mr. Shafi Muhammad Burfat of the deal of ISI to keep in touch and regulate the policies according to their will and wish. ISI delivered messages at different times through its agents to coordinate with them, so as to become as rich as like other leaders and would be given free hand for political activities. These difficult times are the result of being against such opportunities and honestly struggling for the independence of Sindhudesh according to ideology of great leader G. M. Syed. We stand accountable only in front of the history. We again take oath to our mother land, Sindh’s Leader, and Sindh’s all Martyrs’ souls that we feel responsible to take struggle to achievement of our goals like Maharaja Dahir, Dodo Soomro, Darya Khan, Makhdoom Bilawal, Shah Inayat, Hosh Muhammad Sheedi and Hemoon Kalani sacrificed their lives. We hold ourselves responsible and bound to lead this National resolution’s to its destiny. For this we would use all the political ways, policies which are recognized internationally and would play such a role that can only be played by a self conscious person.

You’re Honor,

I recalling the words of my great leader, G. M. Syed and making an addition to it would say that Sindhudesh has a geographical structure, In which there are rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, deserts and green lands which have seen highs and lows of the history also it has seen independence  as well as the subservience. In my view it has always had a neat and clean, grooming soulfulness of life which has never accepted the subservience of anyone. Everyone has always tried to crush this nation. But this nation has always faced it like Maharaja Dahir, Dodo Soomro, Dariya Khan, Makhdoom Bilawal, Shah Hyder Sanai, Shah Inayat Shaheed, Shaheed Sooriyah Badshah, Sain G. M. Syed, Shaheed Sameeullah Kalhoro, and like them would struggle for the independence till the last breath of their lives. I believe that the soul of the history has invaded in me and it has decided to gain the independence of Sindhudesh, which is the actual independence (Geographical, political, cultural and economical) a separate nation.

Sindh has always been a separate nation in the perspective of her culture, trends, geography, history and language. It has always been a separate nation in the history ignoring a few accidental subservient eras. This has been proved severally from the history. Sindh has been attacked and has suffered under the dominance of the outsiders but never remained quiet, this nation has always fought for its independence; this is a real factor and difference that this nation would never sacrifice its historical heiress.

You’re Honor,

Sindh has been dominated by the “Punjab Supremacy” politically. In 1947 this dominancy was transferred from the English to Punjab, that’s why I am clarifying in your court that politically and ideologically I am against this nation (Punjab Supremacy). I, believing in G.M.Syed’s Philosophy, reject the two nation theory and the ideology of a nation built on religious base. Believing in the God’s created Sindh which has been human friendly from thousands of years; I acknowledge the struggle for its complete independence. I recall the oath taken, to work under the lead of our Chairman Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz, Mr. Shafi Muhammad Burfat in the light of the ideology of G. M. Syed to carry on the struggle for the independence of Sindhudesh.

Your Honour,

The truth is that the dream of Pakistan was seen by English “Churchil”. The English, as a policy to retreat from the south Asia created this country to gift their favorite servants (Punjab). For this reason they left the Sindhis, Balochs, Sirakis, and Bengalis on the mercy of Punjab.

You’re Honor,

Here we openly declare that the South Asia’s Two Nation Theory was unnatural, unrealistic act and was against the history but the real factors behind that separation was the English’s own interests. The English wanted that Pakistan should always be their subservient and for that if we recall the Pakistan’s 60 years history we can see that its constitutional institutions are weak and its foundations have even not built properly.

You’re Honor,

On this event, we need you to realize the two main issues of the Sindh that how the Punjab has used its machinery to infiltrate the Nation of Sindh and to make it their subservient.

1.       Army Cantonments and Settlement of Other Nations:

a.       On the Occupied land they have created a network of cantonment to suppress any revolution, which may arise in later times, for the independence, by force, and at the same time that nations’ income is used to compensate the expenses for that brutal army.

b.      They settle their additional population on the illegally occupied lands and groom them to turn the real son of soils into minority so that they may be controlled and then they should always be dominant over them.

2.       Economic theft: Actually this is the real reason for the occupation of another nation or land to get benefits of its economy and enjoys it. If we see the Punjab Supremacy in this perspective, we can clearly see that how Punjab has been dominant over the lands, the minerals, and economy of Sindh and Baluchistan. They have looted us from the income tax, custom tax, sales tax, water from our rivers, minerals from our soils and everything else to remain dominant over us.

Pakistan has always been incorporated its subservient nations. The Bengali Nation sacrificed their lives, their respect, and infrastructure to get rid of this state and gain independence. Same way we, walking the track of G. M. Syed are struggling for our independence. We believe ourselves to own the ideology of G. M. Syed, the independence of Sindhudesh, be defendants to it. We also believe that Sindh’s Independence is our mission, vision and Achievement. Therefore, the brutal state of Pakistan and its agencies are continuously targeting us. Just like the Israelis declared Yasir Arafat a terrorist and the Punjabis declared Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, Khair Bux Marri, Akbar Bugti and Baalach Khan Marri terrorists and stopped them from instigate further steps for the independence and prevent them to struggle, we are being instigated by the agencies of Pakistan. But we won’t give up and these agencies would fail as they have been failing disastrously in the past.

You’re Honour,

The state institutions after failing several times to prevent us from walking the way of G. M. Syed’s ideology have started a crackdown against our party, which we consider as an attack and terrorism on the ideology of our great leader and the Nation of Sindh. In their acts of terrorism, they killed the chairman Shaheed Sameeullah Kalhoro in their torture cells, and declared the Party Chairman Shafi Burfat and Vice Chairman Khaleel Khaskheli as the Most Wanted to prevent them from any further struggle for the independence revolution. They have tortured many of the party workers for several months to prevent them from their destined struggle.

You’re Honor,

Currently our biggest crime is only our struggle for our subservient land Sindhudesh. If the Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat, and Bengali leader Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman are criminals in your view then we also are. Whereas internationally decisions have proven that to struggle for the independence has never been a crime. We stand rock-steady for the independence of our Land. You do what your state tells you to do. Today your decision would create two historical paths, one that you would prescribe in your decision and the other which history would prevail. Remember that our heads would always be high and be cherished in the pages of the history because we have determined our destinies.

We have selected our ways, the ways which raised the confidence of Sindhi Nation like Sameeullah Kalhoro did, therefore we won’t ask your highness to declare the ISI as killers of Sameeullah Kalhoro, and hang them to death to provide us justice, because we believe that being martyr for the independence of the nation is the noblest act one can ever do in this life. Today along with me, every son of the soil and believer of the G. M. Syed wants such nobility in their lives.

You’re Honor,

Abu Kalam Azaad a historical leader and philosopher of the South Asia have said that in history after the grounds of war, if there is any place where injustice have been done in excess, its in the courts. Even then, we the believers of G. M. Syed are mentally prepared for the worst decisions of your court. I would like to end my statement with the words of G. M. Syed that, “whatever decision you pronounce, I would prevail my love, ideology and vision towards Sindh, and accept it, only because I am sincere to my love, and struggle, and if its crime according to your law then I must declare that I have been committing this crime and would commit it all my life.”

You’re Honor,

The statement given by me should be considered as a concise statement where as G. M. Syed detailed statement which was prepared for the historical case of Sindh’s Collective History, which was never opened by any court or heard or read even due to the lack of courage. It then was published as a book named as “Sindh Galhaye Thi” should be considered as my detailed statement. Not only me, but all the party workers of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz consider it their party policy, ideology and their final statement. This must be included in our statement.

Thank You.

Jeay Sindhudesh – Jeay Sain G. M. Syed!

Muzzaffar Bhutto

Finance Secretary,

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz


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